johno | 08.08.2012

Hmm ok beriem, tak skusme zopar referencii z clanku:

"3801 children aged 5-11 months were entered into a blind placebo-controlled trial of pertussis vaccine. " "The point estimate of protective efficacy was 54% (95% confidence intervals 26-72%) for the LPF-toxoid vaccine and 69% (47-82) for the two-component vaccine; protection against culture-confirmed whooping cough of over 30 days duration was 80% (59-91%) and 79% (57-90%), respectively."

"This study shows the safety of the acellular pertussis-toxoid vaccine. Apart from slight increases in local reactions in recipients of DTP toxoids as compared with recipients of DT toxoids, no adverse reactions were observed." "The efficacy of this acellular vaccine was 71 percent (95 percent confidence interval, 63 to 78 percent). The recipients of DTP toxoids who had pertussis had cough of shorter duration than the recipients of DT toxoids, and fewer had whooping and vomiting. "

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