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Ing. Marián FILLO | 28.06.2012

Tak tuto je výňatok z aktuálneho newsletteru Dr. Theresy Deisher, ktorá sa už pekných pár rokov venuje výskumu genetiky, vakcín a autizmu v rámci Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI):

CONFIRMED : Regressive Autism is Not Genetic!
We at Sound Choice understood years
ago, after reading the published literature about
regressive autism, that this was not a genetic
disease. Hundreds of different mutations had
been published, albeit it in different papers, that
were linked to regressive autism. A disease with
hundreds of diverse mutations associated with it
cannot be a genetic disease. One does not need to
be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Even
though the information was scattered in so many
different publications, at Sound Choice we put it
all together. Finally the rocket scientists have
caught up with what we have known for years.
They have sequenced genes from children with
regressive autism and, as we would expect,
discovered that regressive autism is associated
with hundreds of different mutations that are not
found in the parents. Now we all know;
regressive autism is not a genetic disease!
In June 2011, three papers were
published almost simultaneously, reporting for the
first time results from sequencing the entire
genome of children with ‘simplex’ or regressive
autism. The sequencing studies were done at top
universities, including Stanford (I put them first
merely because I am a Stanford grad), Columbia,
Radcliffe, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
Yale, U of Michigan, UCLA and others. This spring
several additional papers were published in top
journals confirming those first sequencing studies
and demonstrating that the de novo mutations
greatly increase the risk of autism spectrum
disorder. De novo means not passed down from
the parents.
What will people do with this knowledge?
The scientists who published these papers state
that they will do additional studies to translate
their findings to better diagnosis and to identify
potential treatments for ASD. Treatment and
diagnosis are good, but wouldn’t it be more
efficient to translate these findings to PREVENT
children from getting regressive ASD in the first
place? Sound Choice seems to be one of the few
organizations using science to promote
Why are these studies that demonstrate
hundreds of diverse de novo mutations so
important? Because, combined with the
‘changepoint’ analysis we have done at Sound
Choice and the published ‘changepoint’
information from the EPA, we now know that we
are looking for environmental triggers that
occurred in the US between 1980 and 1984, 1987
and 1991, and 1995 and 1998 that could cause
hundreds of new and diverse mutations to arise in
our children.
What is known to cause hundreds of new
and diverse mutations? Radiation, chemicals,
ultraviolet light and foreign DNA. There are no
radiation, chemical or ultraviolet light events that
coincide with the years when autism disorder took
a rise in the US. What is correlated to the years
that autism disorder rates rose in the US is the
switch to or introduction of vaccines contaminated
with aborted fetal DNA and a retrovirus.
According to CDC statistics for children
born in the year 2000, we are now losing 1 out of
every 54 boys to a lifelong debilitating disease
called autism spectrum disorder. With our current
birth rate we are generating 123 kids every 24
hours who will have autism by their eighth
birthday. Autism is a life long disability, it does
not shorten life span. Most autistic children
need supervision for life. Thus, for every
autistic child we will need to employ an adult
to take care of that child for eighty plus years.
The cost is enormous and we are just seeing the
beginnings of this crisis as the first wave, the
1979-2000 group is now coming of age and
becoming public charges. What is left behind
are thousands of bankrupt parents and
teetering school systems, the two segments of
our society stuck with the bill so far.
Meanwhile, HHS has its head buried in the
sand. Since vaccines are a sacred cow on both sides
of the political spectrum, any hint that the vaccine
program may have some role in this disaster is simply
ignored or deemed the rantings of the lunatic fringe.
No serious effort has been made to explore this
obvious possibility.
At Sound Choice we have the courage to
stand up openly and respect the sanctity of all
human life. We have the courage to do the research
showing how vaccine contaminants can damage our
genes. We have the courage to work for the
prevention of new cases of autism, and we have the
courage to develop vaccines that we can use safely
and in good conscience. However, we cannot do it
without you!
If our research does not move forward,
and rapidly, we will continue to lose 123 children
everyday to the disease of autism. We will
continue to contaminate our products and our
bodies with aborted fetal debris, and that
contaminates our hearts as well. Whether you are
pro-life or pro-choice, you know that
commoditizing the remains of other human beings
demeans us all. Support our research! Help us
save babies from abortion and help us save born
children from the devastating disease of autism.
Please share this newsletter with as
many people as you can. We are in the process of
setting up a new website and a Facebook page. In
the interim, we ask you to help us use social
networking to get this information out there so
that people can learn about what is in their
vaccines, so that they can say NO thank you to the
vaccine manufacturers, and so they can support
us if they are able.

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